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II B. Jet Set Willy (JSW48)

Advanced modifications of the original Jet Set Willy.


3. Jet Set 40-40

Authors: Andy Ford, Daniel Gromann and Ian Rushforth

Publisher: Team

Year: 2018

Language: English


Number of edited rooms: 41

Number of rooms accessible without cheating: 40

Number of rooms which need to be visited to complete the game: 40

Number of items to collect: 160 (4x40)


Bugfix needed after original release? NO

Spare lives at the start: 7

Completable without loss of life? YES


Starting time: 9:00 am

Best documented completion time with no unnecessary loss of life: n/a

(No recording is publicly available yet.)


Special features:

The player has to collect four complete sets of items; once the last item of one set has been collected, the items of the next set will appear. The difficulty of the game will increase with each consecutive set of items, as more and more guardians threaten Willy's progress through his mansion and its surroundings.

The player is offered a choice of rooms in which they can start the game. An option of playing without some of the most extreme challenges can also be chosen.


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The screenshot gallery will depict the rooms as seen when the player is collecting the fourth set of items, playing in the 'Maximum difficulty' mode. Hence the pictures will show all the guardians which appear in the game at that stage. Since revealing them would be a spoiler, a complete screenshot gallery will be published here a year or so after the game's release.




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