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V. Jet Set Willy 64 (JSW64)

Games based on John Elliott's extended JSW64 family of game engines for the 128K Spectrum.


24. Willy Games: The First 30 Years Quiz

Author and publisher: Daniel Gromann

Year: 2016

Language: English


Number of edited rooms: 128

Number of rooms accessible without cheating: 128

Number of rooms which need to be visited to complete the game: 128

Number of items to collect: 120


Bugfix needed after original release? NO

Spare lives at the start: 12

Completable without loss of life? YES


Starting time: The game has a modified clock, which counts down minutes from 120 to 0.

Best documented completion time with no unnecessary loss of life: N/A (no recording publicly available yet).


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The game makes use of the JSW64 V game engine in a very unorthodox way: to create a multiple-choice quiz rather than a platform game. The quiz revolves around Manic Miner (MM) and Jet Set Willy (JSW) games for the ZX Spectrum created between 1983 and 2013.

Since revealing the questions would be a serious spoiler, a complete screenshot gallery will be published here a year after the game's release.










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